Vapor Intrusion is a concern when potentially chronic health risks arise from vapor concentrations. Even relatively low vapor concentrations can travel along inhalation pathways and create long-term exposure. EnviroPro Services will assist in evaluating the risk of vapor intrusion using a tiered approach that involves determining potential sources and inhalation pathways.

Minimizing Your Risk of Vapor Intrusion

Vapor intrusion is the migration of volatile chemicals from subsurface contaminants into indoor air. Potential sources we will evaluate include nearby businesses and industrial facilities that handle chemicals which can migrate through subsurface features such as underground utilities and other structures. Identifying inhalation pathways can be very complex. Once inhalation pathways are identified, we will then measure for vapor levels, collect samples for analysis, and calculate risk-based media screening levels to compare against reporting limits set for soil gas, sub-slab, and target indoor air concentrations.

Each state is different in how it addresses vapor intrusion. In Georgia, vapor intrusion is not regulated, but there are guidelines that EnviroPro Services uses as a basis for investigation. That being said, if a problem is identified, we will act as a liaison with all parties including legal teams and environmental regulators to report vapor intrusion and address concerns.