UST Closures and Corrective Action

EnviroPro Services, LLC has managed underground storage tanks (USTs) on hundreds of project sites throughout Georgia. We understand some of the biggest threats of a release are the presence of fuel or solvents in the ground and its potential impact to nearby water sources.

We help owners and operators of USTs maintain compliance so the potential for a release is minimized. In the event of a release, we assess the extent of impact and determine a corrective action plan that helps prevent the spread of  fuel or solvents and moves the project to completion.

Our project management provides the vision and implementation for multiple phases of UST management. From planning to scheduling and implementing an in-place closure or UST removal, conducting a Corrective Action Plan, or performing a compliance audit, we know what it takes to stay in compliance and reach a No Further Action Required status.

Whether we are removing a UST, installing monitoring wells, or laying down the infrastructure for a remediation system, we have experience, knowledge, and training in coordinating a team of professionals to get the job done right the first time. We will coordinate equipment operators, drillers, hauling contractors, resurfacing companies and other contractors with efficiency and effectiveness. We understand the flexibility needed when conditions change and are dedicated to limiting any interference to your business.

We structure our projects to accommodate client needs while strictly adhering to local permitting codes as well as any pertinent state and/or federal regulations. Preparation is vital to the efficient and effective progression of a construction project. We are flexible and ready to change with changing circumstances. We look at utility locations and other obstructions, review the drainage and discharge areas, consider your daily business activities and make adjustments when providing field activities so as to minimize our time onsite and reduce interruptions to your business. Because UST removals, well installation, and remediation construction activities can be complex, rest assured that EnviroPro provides cost effective and timely solutions to suit your needs.