Comprehensive Phase I and II Site Assessments

We understand you want to be aware of current and reliable environmental conditions with a comprehensive site assessment before acquiring property.  As a bank or other financial institution, developer, real estate investor or other person considering an acquisition, project planning or development loans on a property, you want answers to critical questions in the early decision-making process.  When a release is reported to a regulatory agency, you want the confidence in knowing that your property is being handled appropriately and moving towards a “No Further Action Required (NFAR)” status.

EnviroPro specializes in comprehensive site assessments which are performed in accordance with the governing state or federal regulations and follow ASTM guidelines.  We have performed countless Phase I and II site assessments.  We understand that every project has its own characteristics and peculiarities.  Rest assured, each site assessment is approached individually while utilizing tried-and-true assessment methods based on years of hands-on experience.

At EnviroPro Services, LLC, we have performed hundreds of site assessments for gasoline stations, dry cleaners, manufacturing plants, and other industries associated with petroleum, dry cleaning solvents, and other chemicals. Our site assessments are performed in accordance with the governing state or federal regulations. When dealing with known environmental concerns, we recommend a combination Phase I and Phase II site assessment be conducted.

Site Investigation Plans

When a site involves a known existing or closed underground storage tank (UST) system, a combination Phase I and Phase II site assessment is recommended. We have performed countless assessments at gasoline stations, many of which have reached NFAR status. We have also assisted clients with other sites that have progressed into Corrective Action.

Even when a site requires a Correction Action Plan (CAP), it might not require remediation. In Georgia, once an initial investigation is reported for an underground storage tank, a CAP – Part A is required. This might include a Site Assessment Plan, or a Site Assessment Plan might be done separately to fully delineate the extent of contamination.

During the assessment phase, we will consider risk-based corrective action and determine if natural attenuation groundwater monitoring or corrective action is appropriate to satisfy regulatory requirements and meet your goals. Based on the specific needs of your facility, a  project might be eligible for a NFAR at any stage of a CAP – Part A, CAP – Part B, Active Remediation Progress reports, or Groundwater Monitoring Only reports.

We perform assessment investigations at facilities that qualify for state reimbursement through such programs as the Georgia Underground Storage Tank Trust Fund (GUST).  EnviroPro Services, LLC understands the balance between moving a project assessment toward a NFAR while also obtaining reimbursement in the state program.  In those states that have reimbursement programs for USTs, we can assist you in applying and obtaining reimbursement.