Have a third-party environmental liaison on your side.

EnviroPro Services provides the technical expertise your company needs as an environmental liaison when handling issues of compliance and non-compliance from the Georgia Department of Natural Resources, Environmental Protection Division (EPD).

Having a proactive communicator on your side that understands the environmental regulations and technical details is critical. To help reduce your liabilities and maintain compliance, we help you determine a reasonable course of action and provide third party negotiations. We also work with companies to help reduce violations, get you back in compliance, and minimize penalties that can result from fines and consent orders.

We assist in getting your GUST Trust Fund reimbursement.

Many of our clients have sites that are eligible for Georgia Underground Storage Tank (GUST) Trust Fund reimbursement.  Sometimes there are situations that prevent or delay reimbursement.  While acting as your environmental liaison, we work closely with the EPD to help your facility get approved for GUST reimbursement and be reimbursed payments from the appropriate expenses you incur in a timely and efficient manner.